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Daniel “Montanha” De Lima, Head of Montanha Jiujitsu Academy

Montanha Jiu Jitsu Academy is a Brazilian Jiu Jitsu academy located in the heart of South Miami, Florida. Headed by Professor Daniel “Montanha” De Lima, a 3rd degree black belt under Master Carlos Gracie Jr. We offer traditional gi jiu jitsu, kickboxing, and no-gi grappling in a laid-back, open, and professional atmosphere. The benefits are diverse and tremendous; no matter what you are looking for, Montanha Jiu Jitsu Academy can provide it. Some of the world’s most elite and decorated fighters are the products of the Montanha Jiu Jitsu Academy.

  • Enhance your martial arts skills by learning to fight on the ground.
  • Learn self-defense to keep yourself safe on the street.
  • Enhance your striking abilities by having a better sense of submission grappling and learn how your body works.
  • Learn principles of leverage, body-mechanics and timing to substitute for energy wasted on “brute force”.
  • Control your opponent. Use non-lethal force to win a fight.
  • Learn how to completely neutralize an attacker’s strikes.
  • Learn patience and harden yourself to face new challenges.
  • Make life-long friends.
  • Improve your fitness and health.
  • Lose fat, gain muscle.
  • Enroll your child, watch him/her excel and improve in every aspect of life.
  • Compete in tournaments and win medals, or simply train for self-enhancement.
  • Pressure-free, non-stress environment. Learn at your pace.

Feel free to contact us, explore the website and tell us your thoughts. We look forward to your visit!