Montanha Jiu Jitsu Academy Reviews

  • Great academy, great people, great energy

    Yaadram Satesh Samsundar
  • Professor Montanha and his team are exceptional. The training, experience and environment are great. Ever since my 9 year old daughter started a few weeks ago she has shown immense improvement with her self- esteem and self-defense which were our priority. Thank you professor, we are forever grateful!

    Vanessa Rodriguez
  • Love Montanha BJJ! Very humble and intimate academy. Which is always a preference of mine. My son & I love it ! Its an overall great environment, Professor Montahna is a great master of the art and an excellent teacher. As far as the other students, they make you feel at home and the kids class has really helped my son release built up energy from sitting in class all day (he's 8).

    Ingrid Paola De Varona
  • Professor Daniel Montanha is an exceptional, word-class BJJ fighter and master, and needs no introduction. On a personal note, he is also a great man with a heart of gold, who knows how to teach and relate to our little ones with kindness and patience. My son TJ joined his school 1 year ago, when he was 5, and has since quickly acquired great defensive skills and confidence, thanks to the teachings of Professor Montanha, in an environment that fosters respect, safety and correctness, both on the mat and in life. He loves to go to the classes and has developed lots of affection for his Professor. More recently, Professor Roberto "Bobby" Godoy has joined Professor Montanha in teaching the little ones, and he is another wonderful pillar of the school. Hands down best BJJ school and teachers!!!

    Amedeo M
  • Great academy with a serious focus on knowledge and technique of the jiu jitsu practice. Great classes & an even greater community! Love practicing here!

    Kiara Daniela
  • My son has been in the bjj class for almost 1 year. He is a 5 years old boy and loves the class and Professor. Fun classes and nice people. Strong recommend.

    Juiyao Chen
  • internationally renowned teacher, proven experience in the best international and national tournaments forming fighters and forming character

    Sydney Ferreira Machado
  • Incredible environment!!! Master Daniel “Montanha” is a great guy, very kind and very technical in jiu-jítsu. A real legend in this sport! I strongly recommend!

    Raffaele Pirro
  • As a father, I was always concerned about my daughter's safety when she was walking alone, or in an elevator or in a park lot. I started researching on personal defense to find out that jiu jitsu is the most appropriate type of martial arts to deal with in these situations. My daughter trained with Daniel for 4 years, before going away to college, and during this time, she went from nothing to blue belt and left bordering purple belt. She lives in Boston now, but whenever she is in Miami visiting us she trains with him. The jiu jitsu training helped her build her confidence and self esteem. I also want to mention that it is a great environment and as someone already said here, Daniel may appear intimidating at the beginning, but he is very friendly, a great teacher with many years of experience, very professional and he gives attention and care for the students on individual basis, so no one is left alone in his classes.

    Ben Junior
  • I started training with Daniel at Montanha Jiu Jitsu about 4 years ago - cause of travel and work i've had to train on and off, but the first class training, conditioning, technique, and love of the sport there is spectacular. Also the camaraderie, support, family of brutes (men and women brutes, that is) that i've gotten to know there are among the best people i know. They have become family. I'm proud to be part of what Montanha has created there.

    Bill Teck

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