Daniel "Montanha" Nycz De Lima, Martial Arts Instructor

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Daniel "Montanha" Nycz De Lima

Professor Daniel "Montanha" Nycz De Lima was raised in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. An accomplished jiu-jitsu competitor, Daniel teaches BJJ in Miami, Florida. With over 27 years of experience, Daniel has an extensive record as a competitor and teacher. He can teach a novice or an experienced practitioner and help them achieve their personal goals. Professor Daniel holds seminars for U.S. law enforcement and military personnel.

Daniel began his martial arts journey at the age of 4, competing in Judo. However, by the age of 7, his family enrolled him in a Gracie Jiu-Jitsu school in Rio De Janeiro, where he trained and became a competitor. Eventually, was awarded a black belt by Master Carlos Gracie, Jr.

Today, Professor Daniel is a 4th-degree black belt in the art. Earning many awards in competition, he is inspired to share his knowledge with all people by teaching them the benefits of Jiu-Jitsu. This will help make their lives better, both inside and outside of his academy.


  • 2011 Florida State Champion
  • 2010 Florida Classic Champion
  • 2010 American Champion
  • 2010 Miami Open Champion
  • 2010 No Gi World Champion
  • 2005 American International Champion
  • 2004 NAGA Pro Division Champion
  • 2003 Southwest Grappling Champion
  • World Championships Medalist
  • Pan American Medalist
  • 3-time Brazilian Team Champion
  • 2-time Rio De Janeiro State Champion
  • Sao Paulo State Absolute Champion
  • Espirito Santo State Absolute Champion


  • David Durnell, USAF
  • Andy Wefald, CSC
  • Joe Wilk, CSC
  • Sean Roberts, CSC Gabriel Woulk, SFC
  • Juan Pablo Garcia, PTT
  • Ralph Codinach, Montanha BJJ
  • Roberto Godoy, Montanha BJJ
  • David Padron, Montanha BJJ
  • Marcos Dias, Montanha BJJ
  • Jorge Zamora, Montanha BJJ
  • Jose Molina, Montanha BJJ


  • Carlos Gracie Jr.
  • Rickson Gracie
  • Rilion Gracie
  • Robson "Mumu" Barros
  • Eduardo Galvao
  • Filipao Niemyer
  • Daniel Gracie
  • Totila "Pitoco" Jordan
  • Jorge Pereira
  • Renzo Gracie
  • Ralph Gracie
  • Ryan Gracie
  • Helio “Soneca” Moreira
  • António "Nino" Schembri
  • Roberto “Roleta” Magalhaes
  • Marcio Feitosa
  • Alexandre "Soca" Freitas
  • Roberto “Gordo” Correa
  • Mauricio "Tinguinha" Mariano


  • The Kansas City Police Academy
  • The Kansas Fort Riley Army Combatives
  • The Florida National Guard
  • The FBI
  • US Secret Service
  • US Army Rangers



  • Joe “The Nose” Wilk
  • Michael Johnson
  • Zak Cummings
  • Lee Gibson

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